Happy New Year
Volume Volume 4
Chapter 16 Chapter 18

Happy New Year () is the seventeenth chapter of the Zetsuen no Tempest manga series.


Mahiro wakes up from a dream about a memory with Aika, who he insults (at the time) of "having no sex appeal". She is eating corn, from which she receives from "Someone who is different from you (Mahiro). Someone who doesn't request sexiness and class from me." He wakes up exactly on New Year's Day, to find out from Samon, that the world has not ended but instead been infiltrated by branches of the halted 'Tree of Beginning'. Hayakawa Takumi, former counselor to the Chief of the Iron Sickness Countermeasure Headquarters, is introduced to the story and the four; Mahiro, Samon, Hayakawa, and Yamamoto Evangeline, have breakfast while discussing a few matters. They then go out to enjoy the New Year's Day with further discussions. Yoshino and Hakaze are reveal to be healthy and well, travelling the world to view the amount of destruction that the Trees have brought amongst the world.


List of Chapters

# Title
1 Sorceress in the Barrel" (魔法使いは、樽の中)
2 She Was Pretty, the Boy Said (彼女はとてもきれいだった、と少年は言った
3 There Are Impossible Things In Magic Too ((彼女はとてもきれいだった、と少年は言った)
4 There is a Reason for Everything ((彼女はとてもきれいだった、と少年は言った)
5 Contradicting Skull
6 I Don't Know What I Want To Be
7 Let Come What Comes, the Brother Says
8 Time Isolated Girl
9 Tempest
10 Boyfriend
11 How to Build a Time Machine
12 The Voice of Time
13 Daughter of Time
14 Swallowed By a Maelstrom
15 Minus Zero
16 To Be, Or Not To Be
17 Happy New Year
18 What Do You Think Will Happen?
19 Unending Trouble
20 The Unexplainable Story
21 They Seem to be Plotting Something
22 Marine Snow
23 The True Magician
24 Our Trip is Over
25 Resolved
26 Mind Your Own Business