Hayakawa Takumi
Biographical Information
Kanji: 早河 巧
Rōmaji: Hayakawa Takumi
Alias: none
Physical Description
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black



Kusaribe Clan



Weapon(s): Guns
Affiliation: Government
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Hayakawa Takumi works for the government. He is the head of the military branch assigned to fight against the Kusaribe Clan.


Hayakawa is a distinct, young man with black hair and eyes, dressed in a simple, yet elegant way. He is always seen to be wearing his working suits. 


In the anime Takumi first appeared when the military kidnapped Yoshino. He talked with him about their startegy and their course of action in the upcoming attack on Mt. Fuji. In the manga on the other hand he first appeared when the military is already attacking the Mt.fuji, he is in charge of deploying tanks, helicopters to the scene. Later on he was demoted because of the failure of the mission.

Once that the world has settled after the attack of the Tree of Beginnings, he had been trying to regain his position in the government. He is said to be spreading rumors about the Magician of Zetsuen. 


Hayakawa is an intelligent man, being assigned, even if so young, to the task of defeating the Kusaribe Clan. He has shown good tactical skills in deploying his armed forces, and is personally skilled in the usage of firearms.


  • Evangeline Yamamoto: Hayakawa is Evangeline contact with the government, and the two are shown to be good friends.
  • Samon Kusaribe - They are close to each other because of Hayakawa's grandfather being one of the trusted man of the Kusaribe clan.
  • Tetsuma Kusaribe- Tetsuma has a certain degree of hate towards Hayakawa, as he was ordering Tetsuma around.