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Megumu Hanemura
Biographical Information
Kanji: 羽村 めぐむ
Rōmaji: Hanemura Megumu
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Magician of Zetsuen
Manga Debut: Chapter 16
Anime Debut: Episode 14
Seiyu: Yuki Kaji

Megumu Hanemura (羽村 めぐむ, Hanemura Megumu) is the Magician of Zetsuen.


Hanemura has straight neck-length orange hair that is swept on either side and light green eyes.

When he is destroying the parts of the Tree of Genesis for show, he wears a dark metal-clad outfit made to conceal his identity.


Hakaze Kusaribe describes Hanemura as someone who would not kill: during their duel, when Hanemura accidentally cut Hakaze's arm, he immediately fell into a fit of panic. On other occasions, he also refuses to fight, claiming to be afraid of blood. Nonetheless, other members and affiliates of the Kusaribe Clan suspect him to have a dual personality nobody knows about.

Megumu is an honest and straightforward person, easily revealing his true feelings, such as outright telling Mahiro Fuwa he has a sister complex, or getting angry in Mahiro and Yoshino Takigawa's stead when the truth about Aika's death is revealed. As he doesn't talk or think his way around things, he is quick to realise certain things, such as that Yoshino's girlfriend is indeed Aika Fuwa. Nonetheless, Megumu is also quick to back down when he notices he has made a mistake or gotten himself into trouble, as is seen e.g. when he refuses to go up against the Tree of Beginnings. It should be noted that he is overridden by others' opinions quite quickly on such occasions.

On the other hand, Megumu can be rather emotional and even impulsive, as seen especially during his outbreak upon Mahiro and Yoshino's calm acceptance of the truth about Aika's death.


Megumu was being suspected as the culprit behind Aika Fuwa's murder, but when Hanemura was having a date with Yu-chan (short for Yuki), he gets confirmed by a text message from that day of her death.


Megumu is first seen after the one-month time skip, when the fight between the Tree of Beginnings and the Tree of Zetsuen has stopped just shortly before. He makes his first appearance as one of the workers on a construction site, sad about his recent break-up with his girlfriend. While talking to a colleague, Megumu mentions he might be the Magician of Zetsuen, and shows his coworker his powers. He then heads for Mt. Fuji, where the Tree of Beginnings appeared, but became confused about which train to board, asked Yoshino Takigawa, and such met Yoshino and Hakaze Kusaribe (who kicks Megumu in the face the moment she sees him, claiming to 'have a bad feeling about him').

Hakaze coaxes Megumu into a duel to confirm whether he really is the Magician of Zetsuen. It is shown at this point that Megumu is indeed powerful, being able to shatter Hakaze's defense and her arm in an instant, even if by accident. Upon hearing the news, Samon Kusaribe sends Evangeline Yamamoto and Natsumura Kusaribe to meet Megumu and confirm the extent of his abilities with their own eyes; at the meeting, Megumu ends up destroying a part of the Tree of Beginnings, upon which all three flee the site and people and the media are left to speculate about the sudden hole in the ground.

From this point onwards, Megumu is seen working alongside the Kusaribe Clan. After being trained rigorously by mostly Mahiro Fuwa and Junichirou Hoshimura, Megumu is sent on 'missions' to make a show out of destroying branches of the Tree of Beginnings in public.


Being the Magician of Zetsuen, he can use magic from the Tree of Zetsuen. Unlike the Kusaribe Clan, whose power stems from the Tree of Beginnings, he does not need offerings to activate his power.

Most of his magic takes the form of electrifying red energy, the shape of which he can manipulate any way he likes, even turning it into a spear, a sword, or similar.


  • Megumu's surname Hanemura means "feather" (羽) (ha) and "town, village" (村) (mura).


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