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Mimori Hayashi
Mimori Hayashi.PNG
Biographical Information
Rōmaji: Hayashi Mimori
Physical Description
Age: 15-16
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Pink

Mahiro Fuwa (boyfriend)

Occupation: Student
Manga Debut: Chapter 1 (mentioned)

Chapter 44

Anime Debut: Episode 1 (mentioned)

Mimori Hayashi (林 美森, Hayashi Mimori) is a minor character who has only appeared in Zetsuen no Tempest manga. She is currently the new girlfriend of Mahiro Fuwa.


Mimori is an attractive girl of average height with wavy blonde hair that she generally ties in two ponytails and pink eyes.


Mimori seems to be a very friendly girl who is obsessed with antique books and she is rather careless about spending her money on them, often ending up buying so much that she has no money to spare on more urgent needs. Her tastes in books are described as "weird" by Mahiro Fuwa.


Mimori met Mahiro Fuwa on a deserted mountain where she had apparently spent too much money on buying antique books and didn't have enough money for the ride home. So she decided to go to a station closer to her residence, for which she had to cross a mountain. Tired, she sat down to rest for a bit and slept.

That's when Mahiro, following the butterflies, came across her where her sleeping pose reminded him of Aika Fuwa (Mahiro's sister), whose body was discovered in the same pose. He touched her, probably to see if she already died, but Mimori woke up, startled.

Mimori's sleeping pose reminded Mahiro of Aika.

In a conversation that followed, Mahiro gave her some coffee and ended up having to reveal his name, though he was reluctant. Mahiro left and warned her to leave the mountain as soon as possible. Mimori continued sipping the coffee and noticed the butterflies.

Suddenly, the mountain burst open and a Fruit of Zetsuen emerged from it. Mimori was thrown off the ground but Mahiro saved her and disappeared. Mimori was kept under surveillance and was not allowed to leave or contact her family because she was the only person found alive and not turned to metal in the area.

After the world returned back to normal, Mimori and Mahiro met up with each other and they started dating.


Mahiro Fuwa

Mahiro and Mimori

Mimori was first interested in meeting Mahiro only because he mentioned that he had a house library full of antique books, which she wanted to borrow and read as she soon developed a liking that the duo started dating where they seem to have a very cheerful relationship with each other. Mahiro seems to often scold her for her carelessness whenever concerning how much she spends on antique books.


  • The name Mimori means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "forest" (森) (mori).
  • Mimori's surname Hayashi means "forest" (林).