Samon Kusaribe
Samon Kusaribe
Biographical Information
Kanji: 鎖部 左門
Rōmaji: Kusaribe Samon
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Gray

Kusaribe Clan
Evangeline Yamamoto


Hakaze Kusaribe
Mahiro Fuwa
Yoshino Takigawa

Weapon(s): Sword
Occupation: Mage
Affiliation: Tree of Zetsuen
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
Anime Debut: Episode 1
Seiyu: Rikiya Koyama
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Samon Kusaribe( 鎖部 左門,Kusaribe Samon) is a member of the Kusaribe Clan.


Samon Kusaribe has long, red hair and gray eyes. He wears a white long sleeve jacket and white pants. His shoes are light grey in color. He is seen carrying a sword throughout the series.


Samon believed that it isn't the Tree of Exodus that's going to destroy the world, but instead it would be the awakening of the Tree of Genesis.


In the first half of the story Samon was the main enemy of the group, because of his belief that the Tree of Genesis would destroy the world. Because of his belief in this Samon made the decision of putting Hakaze into a barrel and sending her into an isolate island to die.

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